Lingcod Maxima

Now that's a LINGCOD!

Now that's a LINGCOD!


Dad John and son Justin out on a gorgeous day on Puget Sound.  John gets his limit of one and then another Ling is on, Justin is reeling him in but sometimes the Ling was taking more line than Justin was pulling in.  Finally at the boat ready to net; the big fish sees the net and takes off --- zeeeeeeeee --- line peeling out, he must have taking another 100 feet.  Now a bit tired, thanks to Justin we bring him in.  The slot limit for keepers is 26 to 36 inches.  This guy is 42 inches.  So father and son go home with one great fish and the memory of landing a giant!


Happy Birthday Bethany!


So Sean takes Bethany on a charter fishing trip for her birthday.  Pretty bold Sean! - but he said Bethany was down for the trip.  Lings are tough this year but by 9 Am Bethany lands a very nice Lingcod.  Then we grind it out for our next Ling. The limit is one per person.  Then Bethany hooks a fish; I am thinking here is our limit but darn, I wish Sean hooked the final Ling.  Turns out Bethany hooked a Quill-Back rock fish.  Being protected he had to go right back in the water.

Then BOOM, Sean has a fish on-- this fish did NOT want to come in, pulling line away from Sean left and right.  Sean tires the big Ling and we bring him in the boat- just a tad bigger than Bethany's.

So GREAT day with two extremely nice people