Happy Birthday Bethany!


So Sean takes Bethany on a charter fishing trip for her birthday.  Pretty bold Sean! - but he said Bethany was down for the trip.  Lings are tough this year but by 9 Am Bethany lands a very nice Lingcod.  Then we grind it out for our next Ling. The limit is one per person.  Then Bethany hooks a fish; I am thinking here is our limit but darn, I wish Sean hooked the final Ling.  Turns out Bethany hooked a Quill-Back rock fish.  Being protected he had to go right back in the water.

Then BOOM, Sean has a fish on-- this fish did NOT want to come in, pulling line away from Sean left and right.  Sean tires the big Ling and we bring him in the boat- just a tad bigger than Bethany's.

So GREAT day with two extremely nice people